Tell Them ‘Thank You,’ and Find Them Somewhere to Volunteer

Mon, 2015-10-12 21:44 -- acook

“Hi, I need your advice.” That kind of opening at 2pm on a Sunday is rarely good. “There are these guys in pickup trucks loaded to the top of the cab with donations for flood victims.” There was a strange hesitance in his voice.

“There are about 14 of them, each flying a Confederate flag. They want to donate and then they want to volunteer with cleanup… What do I tell them?”

There came a rush of feeling and memory. I breathed deeply. I could practically see the words form in the air around me. “Tell them ‘Thank you,’ and find them somewhere to volunteer.”


Sunday Flood Update from UWASC

Mon, 2015-10-12 08:47 -- acook

She was sitting on one of those electric scooters, her immense frame hanging over the sides. And her pants were only pulled barley above the knee. She munched a sandwich handed to her by a shelter volunteer in an America Red Cross vest. She seemed completely oblivious to the fact that her bottom was exposed to a gymnasium of homeless storm victims.


Thursday Flood Update from UWASC

Thu, 2015-10-08 18:10 -- acook

What do you say to someone who’s heard the shelters are closing Saturday and there’s nowhere for more than 800 homeless individuals to go?

What do you say to a volunteer halfway through a 300-mile journey to help someone clean up after a flood and is wondering who needs help?

What do you say to the Central Community Chest of Japan when they tell you they have started workplace campaigns to help people in South Carolina recover from the flood?


Wednesday Flood Update from UWASC

Wed, 2015-10-07 17:44 -- acook

Today, the sun was shining.

In a place that’s famously hot and sunny, perhaps you’d think that’s not such a big deal, but today it’s a really big deal.

The Midlands started the day with more bad news: a mandatory evacuation of the Wildewood subdivision that lies below Beaver Dam. Crews had been working on it for two days to prevent a breach, but at 6:30am, they had to call it quits.


Tuesday Flood Update from UWASC

Tue, 2015-10-06 16:44 -- acook

Today was a challenging day in a series of challenging days.

Yet another dam burst this morning in the Midlands, flooding a large area of Forest Acres that has already seen severe damage. Meanwhile, floodwaters are moving farther south and particularly affecting Clarendon, Williamsburg and Georgetown counties.

Black River United Way CEO Lucy Woodhouse and her staff are struggling with high tides and flooding in their offices, which may last several more days. So far, it appears that all other United Way offices have been spared.


Close the Gap

Wed, 2015-09-02 14:09 -- acook

What does your health insurance cover and, more importantly, what does it not cover? What would you do if you couldn’t afford even basic health care?

Luis is one such person. He falls in what is referred to as the Health Insurance Coverage Gap. He doesn’t qualify for Medicaid, nor does he fall in the right range for Marketplace insurance. What does he do, and what do others like him do when they have serious medical needs they can’t afford?

There may not be a best answer, but Luis and others can think of at least one solution: removing politics from healthcare.


Open Letter: United Way Association of South Carolina says removal of the flag is the first step in advancing the common good

Fri, 2015-06-26 09:23 -- ccarey

Since the days of the tragic shooting in Charleston, we have grieved as a state and as a nation. An act that was meant to divide us as a state has had the opposite effect. We have come together and embraced one another for who we are regardless of race, religion, socioeconomic status or political leanings. South Carolina has acted as a model for how to turn tragedy into triumph.


AmeriCorps programs across SC encourage service, impact thousands

Mon, 2015-03-09 10:31 -- ccarey

Similar to the Peace Corps, AmeriCorps is comprised of individuals from all walks of life who choose to contribute their time and talents towards addressing unmet community needs. However, unlike the Peace Corps, AmeriCorps members do not travel abroad, but instead serve to meet the country’s domestic needs.


Nearly 1 in 4 South Carolina Residents Volunteer; Two-Thirds Help Neighbors

Mon, 2014-12-22 08:54 -- ccarey


As the holiday season highlights acts of kindness and opportunities to give back, a new federal study shows that 1 in 4 South Carolina residents volunteered through an organization and two-thirds helped their neighbors last year.



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