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Open Letter: United Way Association of South Carolina says removal of the flag is the first step in advancing the common good

Since the days of the tragic shooting in Charleston, we have grieved as a state and as a nation. An act that was meant to divide us as a state has had the opposite effect. We have come together and embraced one another for who we are regardless of race, religion, socioeconomic status or political leanings. South Carolina has acted as a model for how to turn tragedy into triumph.

AmeriCorps programs across SC encourage service, impact thousands

Similar to the Peace Corps, AmeriCorps is comprised of individuals from all walks of life who choose to contribute their time and talents towards addressing unmet community needs. However, unlike the Peace Corps, AmeriCorps members do not travel abroad, but instead serve to meet the country’s domestic needs.

United Way unveils 2015 Early Childhood Common Agenda with statewide partners

Yesterday, we, along with the Institute for Child Success and Children’s Trust of South Carolina, unveiled the 2015 Early Childhood Common Agenda for our state. The 2015 Agenda is the result of months of collaborative work among early childhood advocates and experts across South Carolina. It offers strong and comprehensive recommendations for policymakers in building a better and smarter early childhood system:



Thank You Senators

It's budget season. (Yay!)

It's budget season. (Groan)

That is pretty much how any ‘budget- watcher’ feels during this time of year. It is filled with long nights, hopeful wishes, and grave disappointments.  And the feeling that, at any moment, what you thought would happen- won’t. There is a lot of uncertainty.