Non-Profit Leaders Meet with Over 30 Members of Congress to Support the Charitable Deduction

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October 7, 2011

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Nonprofit Leaders Reiterate the Most Harm Will be to Those Who Use Nonprofit Services

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Nonprofit leaders from all over the country came to Washington Thursday to speak out against proposals to limit the charitable deduction and met with more than 30 members of Congress, including those on the powerful Finance, Ways and Means and Super Committees.

The diverse group of leaders brought the message that giving is down, the demand for services is rising and government funds are dwindling.  They advised lawmakers that the president’s proposal to cap the itemized deduction at 28% would reduce charitable giving and ultimately will harm those they serve and who need help the most.

“We want our position to be very clear to Congress,” said Sue Santa, Senior Vice President for Public Policy at The Philanthropy Roundtable.  “Reducing the charitable deduction will hurt individuals and community organizations that need private support to survive.  We should be finding ways to encourage more giving rather than recycling these same threatening proposals.”

Giving has already been down substantially in recent years, and projections are stagnant. An Indiana University Study reports the President proposal to limit deductions would further decrease giving by $4 billion each year. That is a significant hit to an already struggling sector. The group speaking out on Capitol Hill included rescue missions, museums, a zoo, theater and art directors, community colleges , the YMCA, the United Way and many others.

The Alliance for Charitable Reform (ACR), which is a project of the Philanthropy Roundtable, organizes with nonprofit leaders to defend against any legislative or regulatory proposal that will interfere with giving.

For more information about the “Fly in/Speak Out: Preserve Giving” day on Capitol Hill or to interview a participant, contact Alison Hawkins at or at 202-714-9965.




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