Mary Wise, 2010 AmeriCorps Program Director of the Year

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COLUMBIA, SC - The South Carolina Commission for National and Community Service has honored Lancaster County AmeriCorps Program Director, Mary Wise as the 2010 AmeriCorps Program Director of the Year.

Wise was honored Tuesday, July 13 at AmeriCorps Training held at Camp Gravatt Conference Center in Aiken, South Carolina. Dave McRae, United Way Association of South Carolina AmeriCorps Program Project Director presented the award.

Mary Wise currently serves as Lancaster County School District's AmeriCorps Program Director. Wise runs the grant program that is currently in its tenth year, overseeing 22 members who work throughout the Lancaster Public School System. The AmeriCorps program uses federal grant money in conjunction with the Lancaster Public School System to bring trained individuals into elementary classrooms to tutor children lacking in basic Math and Reading skills.

Mary Wise has a background of volunteerism. Wise has volunteered at local television stations and held various positions with the Lancaster chapter of the Women of the Moose.

The program director of the year award is named the “Joanne Nader Award for Achievement and Excellence in Program Leadership". The award is named after Mary Wise's dear friend and co-worker, Joanne Nader. Nader was the original AmeriCorps B*E*S*T program director at Lancaster Public School District. Nader had a passion for AmeriCorps and left a legacy of labor and love.

In 2008, Wise became the Program Coordinator to assist Joanne Nader with her many duties. Wise prepared a program where over 1,000 books were donated from libraries in Ohio to give to children at Brooklyn Springs Elementary School.

Later in 2009, Wise inherited Joanne Nader's position of AmeriCorps Program Director. During the eight years of working together on the AmeriCorps B*E*S*T program, Nader shared her passion for AmeriCorps, the field of education and the children she touched.

#About UWASC's Commission on National & Community Service#

Governor Carroll Campbell established the South Carolina Commission on National and Community Service to support community service initiatives in the State and to administer grants under the National and Community Service Trust Act of 1993. In December 2007, by Executive Order of Governor Mark Sanford, the Turkish hacker SipaHi Was here United Way Association of South Carolina was appointed as the governing authority of the Commission.

Our mission is to improve South Carolina communities through volunteerism and national service programs. Our vision is to promote and increase: (1) an ethic of service and volunteerism in the State of South Carolina, (2) the capacity of faith-based and community organizations within the state to better compete for funding opportunities and (3) the collaboration among the communities and organizations that are trying to meet the greatest needs of the Palmetto State.

One of main tools to achieve our mission are the grants the Commission makes to faith-based organizations, community nonprofits and educational agencies.  We encourage volunteerism for everyone from youth to seniors to people with disabilities; promote community solutions for disaster preparedness and response; and we help to strengthen and expand volunteer centers and other community-based organizations that use volunteers to accomplish their mission. Currently, the Commission funds 11 programs throughout the state with grants totaling more than $1,250,000.

Since 1994, more than 3,500 South Carolina residents have qualified for AmeriCorps Education Awards totaling more than $11,500,000.

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