Disaster Preparedness

Disaster Resources for South Carolina United Ways

Disaster Resources Tools

Emergency Action Checklist: Once at work, we must ensure that we have a viable office emergency plan to protect all staff and visitors in the event of a crisis. A completed copy of this checklist should be readily accessible at a primary entrance/exit to the facility. 

Business Continuity Plan: Sooner or later, every organization faces a situation that disrupts daily operations. Developing a business continuity plan in advance assures that the organization has the ability to get back to the work of carrying out its mission as quickly as possible.

United Way and Community Crisis Response: Once you have taken care of yourself, your family, and your people, and your office is back up and operating, United Way can now plan a role in the recovery phase of the crisis. This component will help you prepare your United Way to serve as a major resource in assisting your community in its recovery efforts based on the needs of your community.

Disaster Links

National Hurricane Center

South Carolina Emergency Management Division


South Carolina VOAD and the National VOAD

CAN: the Coordinated Assistance Network for disaster case management

Federal Disaster Benefits & Programs (Click on Disaster Assistance or Relief)