Current and Prospective AmeriCorps Members

Prospective AmeriCorps Members

If you’re interested in becoming an AmeriCorps member, please complete this form to receive more information on how to apply. 

Benefits of Service


Living Allowance

Your modest living allowance will help cover the basic costs of living, which allows national service to be an option for everybody. Further, living within tight economic bounds encourages AmeriCorps members to relate more closely with the resource-limited communities they serve.


Health Insurance

Health insurance, which meets Affordable Care Act standards, is provided to those serving full-time as AmeriCorps members. Coverage varies by program, but general questions are addressed on this website.


Loan Forbearance

Your federal student loans qualify for loan forbearance during your term of service. Further, the federal government will pay for the interest that your loans accrue while in forbearance during your year of service. You can learn more about applying for loan forbearance here.


Childcare Assistance

Full-time service members may qualify for childcare assistance. The application process can be completed here.



Meet Like-Minded Peers

You will get to serve alongside other service-minded peers who seek to strengthen our South Carolina communities. Further, you will join a network of nearly 1,000,000 AmeriCorps Alum, who can link you to resources and job opportunities following your AmeriCorps service. Register here to start receiving AmeriCorps Alum benefits today.


Education Award

Following your successful completion of your AmeriCorps term of service, you will become eligible to earn the Segal AmeriCorps Education Award. This can be applied to existing student loans or to future education endeavors. Each AmeriCorps member can earn up to the equivalent of two full-time education awards, totaling over $11,000. Over 180 institutions of higher education will match your AmeriCorps Education Award.


Disability Inclusion

In South Carolina, AmeriCorps is inclusive to all types of people. Below are some great tools to assist in creating an inclusive service environment. 

- Inclusion: Creating an Inclusive Environment: A comprehensive handbook designed to assist service organizations fully include individuals with disabilities as active service members and volunteers.


- Emergency Preparedness for People with Disabilities Toolkit: Emergency preparedness and safety are top priorities for every organization. This resource will assist organizations and individuals with disabilities to develop and implement an accessible emergency preparedness plan.

- Disability Awareness: Beyond the Day: This tool assesses the use of simulated disability activities as a training tool to convey what it is like to live with a disability, and offers alternatives.

- Learning Disabilities: What National and Community Service Organizations Should Know: Although awareness and support for learning disabilities
has grown in recent history, many indviduals still have questions regarding this hidden disability. This tool provides introductory information about learning disabilities, including ideas service members and volunteers can use.

- Service and Inclusion from the Member Perspective: Excerpts from interviews with three individuals with disabilities who participated in national service. They discuss the motivations for joining national service and successes and challenges they faced and offer suggestions for making national service more accessible.

-Watch your language! Click here for a guidebook on
person first language. "People first" or "person-first" language emphasizes the civil rights and equality of people with disabilities. Using people first language names the person first and the condition second, i.e. "person with a disability" rather than a "disabled person" 


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