Bring AmeriCorps to Your Community

The United Way Association of South Carolina and AmeriCorps currently provide nearly $2 million in AmeriCorps funding to communities across South Carolina. Over 500 AmeriCorps members are engaged in volunteer activities designed to help address unmet needs and improve the quality of life for all citizens in our state. In the coming years, we will be working hard to increase the number and scope of our AmeriCorps programs in order to make a significant and positive impact on lives and communities in our state. You and your community can be a part of this growing movement.

Is AmeriCorps the right "fit" for my community?
We have put together an annotated guide to help organizations decide if AmeriCorps is the right strategy to meet their community need and answer many frequently asked questions. Download the presentation here and read through the notes associated with each slide.

How can my organization submit an application?
All interested applicants should contact Brent Kossick at