Budget Update

 Oh! There it is! Got it!

Ok, so I wasn't joking when I said that the only steadfast rule of politics is that there is always an exception....and that I would be back when another exception came up.

Turns out, only a day later - we have an exception. Although, it's pretty much good news.

The budget conferees came to an agreement on the budget last night (Wahoo!) However, they still need to pass a 'CR'. 

I know I said that they either needed to pass the budget by June 30th, or pass a CR...but they're going to do both. The exception in this case is the Governor's review of the budget. Constitutionally, the Governor is allowed 5 days to review (and or veto) any part of the budget after it is sent to her from the GA. 

Here is the order of events:

- Late Tuesday night Chairman Leatherman (R, Florence) and White (R, Anderson) negotiated out the contentious parts of the budget (small business tax cuts, state employees pay raises, etc).
- Today legislators will review the legislation and starting Thursday both chambers will convene to adpot the conference report (....hopefully). 
-  The earliest the budget can be sent to the Governor is Friday, June 29th. It is reported that she intends to take the full five day review, so it is expected that the Senate will pass the CR that has already passed the House, and it will be delivered alongside the budget.

For more on the specifics of the budget deal, the Greenvilleonline.com does a nice job laying it out. 

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